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Sergalex is your cheap travel solution by bus from Prague to Dresden. With Sergalex you can get quick and easy by bus from Prague to Dresden at a very competitive price and with a lot of comfort.


Book now, and we will get you from Prague to Dresden by bus in no time at all.

Depart Prague from 8:15 and arrive in Dresden at 10:45. Sergalex is the most trusted and popular bus carrier in Prague to bring you hundreds of options at the click of a mouse.

Take one of our most popular bus destination from Prague to Dresden. Especially if you're planning on setting off towards Dresden from Prague (or the other way around), our company will get you there at an affordable price. For only 14 EUR you can reach your dream destination within 2.5 hours. Or would you like to go somewhere else? Let Sergalex help you find the coach route, which suits you perfectly.

Ride with us on one of our buses from Prague to Dresden! We will take you to the heart of the Saxony's biggest and most exciting cities. Dresden, capital of the eastern German state of Saxony, is distinguished by the celebrated art museums and classic architecture of its reconstructed old town. Taking Sergalex bus from Prague to Dresden you can feel free to sit back, relax, and rest up so that you are ready to see all the sights, absorb the city life, or fulfill whatever your travel needs are when you arrive.  Let Sergalex take you from Prague to Dresden and experience it all with our many options for arrival times at your convenience.

Our bus route from Prague to Dresden is very popular with our customers. Book with us today to reserve your seat and see why so many travelers prefer Sergalex to other travel options. 

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